Knowledge-to-Value™ (K2V) Clinics

Your research/intelligence/knowledge services team has mastered the technical basics. How do you move them to the next level of providing value? TKA's Knowledge-to-Value™ (K2V) Clinics increase the relevance and ROI of knowledge professionals by challenging them to think like business people.
K2V Clinics were developed by veteran strategic researcher and consultant Tim Powell. They incorporate practical, applied insights from his extensive experience as a hands-on leader of contract consulting and research teams, as well as a teacher in both business and academic forums worldwide.
K2V Clinics draw on Powell's Knowledge Value Chain® Handbook, materials from his many lectures and workshops, and TKA's case files (with client identities fully protected, of course). They have been produced on four continents since 1999 with sponsorship from companies, professional and trade associations, government agencies — even the European Union. Similar contents have been used as graduate-level coursework at Columbia University and the Palmer School/LIU.

Costs Down, Benefits Up

K2V Clinics do not replace classroom training. In fact, our clinics are more effective when your people already know and use basic tools and techniques.
Unlike public workshops and training, K2V Clinics are conducted at or near your work site. Because your people don't have to travel, the total cost is typically less than for centralized training. And because real-world problems affecting your organization can be discussed freely without compromising confidentiality, the benefits are tailored, relevant, and longer-lasting.


Each K2V Clinic is an immersive work team experience that goes deeper than mere information transfer. It combines elements of a master class, a strategy ideation workout, and a targeted consulting intervention.
Our unique "Points of Pain" framework combines practical, hands-on coaching with group problem-solving — and has an energizing effect on those who participate. The typical result is immediate improvement in day-to-day job performance for the individual knowledge/intelligence practitioner, and a significant uptick in the ROI and value-add of the overall knowledge/intelligence team and process.
Each Clinic is customized to address the unique needs of your work team. Clinic benefits are designed to provide value that endures well beyond the event itself. You'll receive a post-action report that summarizes key findings and recommendations.
"Your KVC Clinic made the whole intelligence process clear — now I 'get it', and can immediately use it to improve my effectiveness." This comment from a recent participant is typical of many that we've received.