TKA Research | Strategic Intelligence

Are you an enterprise leader (owner, executive, board member, or major investor)? If so, a key element of your role is developing and guiding your team's strategies toward achieving enterprise goals and objectives.

You know where you want to go, you know how to get there, and you have the right team to achieve it.

But other factors are causing headwinds. Many of them, all coming at you at once, not entirely under your control — and sometimes not even clearly defined: market entry from new competitors...shifts in customer chain disruptions...the list seems endless.

And it changes quarter to quarter, sometimes even week to week. Keeping track of what really matters is itself a significant challenge.

It's likely you already get "boatloads" of data: market research, competitive analysis, newsfeeds…plenty of additional stuff to read. Do these help you in making decisions — or just add to the clutter? What you really need is intelligence — a clear, integrated picture of your business ecosystem, the opportunities and threats it presents, and how those are changing.

How can TKA help you?

TKA accelerates your success by helping you identify, measure, and manage:

  • Drivers — Threats, Opportunities, Uncertainties, and Risks (TOUR) in your competitive ecosystem
  • Impact of each driver on your Performance, Competitiveness, and enterprise Value (PCV)
  • Trends in each driver
  • Responses that boost your PCV

Then we put our industrial-strength curiosity to work for you. TKA's analytics-based approach gives you metrics and markers — quantitative and qualitative indicators to keep your team "sailing with the tides" of your competitive ecosystem.

TKA is not only a world-class research resource — we're your strategic navigation partner.

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