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SOURCE:  TKA analysis of CMS National Health Expenditures

Health care sectors have been growing at between 3 and nearly 8% annually after inflation during the past decade, as shown in the chart (Source: TKA analysis of US government data). The structural changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are creating additional opportunities in each of these sectors.
At the same time, the ACA was designed to promote greater levels of transparency and competition in most health care sectors. These changes are already apparent in a recent report that health care is becoming less concentrated — i.e., more competitive.
Clinical excellence alone is not sufficient to succeed in this new competitive environment. Established players and start-ups are facing unprecedented pressures to become more efficient and market-responsive and/or to consolidate.

How can TKA help you?

Whichever health sector is your focus, TKA guides you in developing evidence-based competitive strategies by integrating primary and secondary research, quantitative and financial analysis, qualitative analysis, and other techniques with our Strategic Intelligence approach.
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