TKA Consulting | Knowledge Strategies

Are you missing opportunities to produce greater value with knowledge services and intelligence? TKA Consulting helps you optimize your performance and maximize your ROI on enterprise knowledge and intelligence.

Data, information, knowledge, and intelligence are mission-critical production resources for your enterprise — as important as "hard" resources like facilities, equipment, raw materials, labor, and capital. Knowledge-based resources need to be managed using the same level of attention, and equally sophisticated tools and metrics, as you use for more tangible resources.

How can TKA help you?

Whatever your knowledge role — user (executive client) or producer (leader of a knowledge team) — we can help you.
TKA Consulting designs and executes a custom intervention to identify and remove "knowledge-value gaps" using our Knowledge Value Chain®,  Knowledge Services Maturity Model™ (shown below), and other proprietary frameworks.
The result: your knowledge services team moves up the value curve — from a reactive collection Hub (Stage 1toward a Partner (Stage 4) integrated with your organization's leadership team and strategies, and able to anticipate their needs.

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