TKA's Dual Role

There are two primary ways TKA works with our clients:

  • Research - TKA serves as an agent, acquiring and analyzing knowledge and intelligence to support business strategies
  • Consulting - TKA serves as an advisor, developing strategies for optimizing knowledge and intelligence processes

Our dual roles reinforce and optimize each other: it's our extensive in-the-trenches research agency experience that best qualifies TKA to serve as your trusted research advisor.

With  TKA Research  — to paraphrase the old parable — we do your fishing for you. With TKA Consulting, we help you to fish for yourself.

Either way, you're assured of having world-class support for optimizing your decisions and outcomes in a competitive world.

TKA Research | Enterprise Strategic Intelligence

Within TKA Research,TKA acts as our client's agent, executing some or all major aspects of the strategic intelligence process.

  • For smaller organizations - TKA designs and executes the entire intelligence process on an outsource basis
  • For larger organizations - TKA focuses on a defined set of issues/topics as support for an inside team

TKA provides strategic decision support, working closely with your decision-making team.

TKA Consulting | Enterprise Knowledge Strategy

Within TKA Consulting, TKA acts as a strategic advisor to our client's intelligence process, with our client handling the execution and other aspects. 

TKA typically takes responsibility for issues such as:

  • Design and architecture of the research process
  • Integration of existing research products and processes within a strategic framework
  • Design of specific research instruments (questionnaires, interview guides, etc.)
  • Coaching and mentoring of intelligence and research staff
  • Design of analytic work products
  • Design of policies governing research practices and ethics
  • Advice to decision-makers in acquiring and using intelligence