TKA President Tim Powell is fortunate to have some very smart friends who are thought leaders in their respective fields.  They are generous enough to come to our offices to tell us what's on their hyper-active minds during these free-ranging, unrehearsed, and unedited "jam sessions".

The time of each video is listed after its title.

IntelliJAM: St. Clair on Knowledge (47:22)

Knowledge services thought leader Guy St. Clair, President of SMR International and Lecturer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Columbia University, discusses trends in knowledge strategy.


IntelliJAM: Gronlund on Branding (36:44)

Branding thought leader Jay Gronlund, President of The Pathfinder Group and marketing professor at New York University, discusses trends in media, both social and traditional.


IntelliJAM: Rothman on Science (45:57)

Nobel laureate Dr. James Rothman, Professor of Biochemistry at Yale University, discusses his research and other trends in science.